A complete service to the legal profession… … Is  what my Father offered as National Legal Supply in Albany, NY between 1932 -1992 making the most of his Albany Law School classmate good relationships.  He founded a business built on printed legal forms. As xerographic copy technology developed, we produced multiple copies of briefs and records, sold office supplies for the legal profession, printed & engraved stationery, backers and Will supplies; and sold lots of 10 x 15 kraft envelopes and 8.5 x 14 canary legal pads. I am renewing the mission to be a full service to the legal community. We offer law office supplies now combined with warehouse distribution services, all with good customer service, and will offer more with your help. RAAND has the products, knowledge, and warehousing capability to service multiple offices. Look at our stationery items or make a quote request (paper, costs, demand and processes change so often, we have minimized our price list). We are here to meet your specific needs. In addition, RAAND’s UNIQUE PLANNER combines a canary legal pad and a task manager to clear your desk. RAAND STORES and SHIPS your supplies to various office locations…. contact RAAND now. Corporate Kits Court Backers Filing Supplies Wallets and Expanding Products
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